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What is a good SEO backlink

Search engines use a wide range of factors or signals to decide if a page is relevant to a searcher’s query or not. Analysis of backlinks to a web page (and site domain) remains a cornerstone factor to the major search engines.

SEO link building is labor. To effectively compete in link popularity, it’s obviously not enough to just get a solid number of backlinks. It’s even more important to take care about the backlink quality. Being focused on their results relevancy, search engines recommend website owners to just concentrate on a website’s unique and exciting content to build links naturally. Nevertheless, there’s nothing improper about webmasters managing their site backlink profiles.

There are a few rules helping webmasters with efficient SEO link building. Pay attention to them when you search for link partners and build links to your site.

Rule #1. When exchanging links, give preference to sites that share your website theme or are in a close niche.

Rule #2. Select quality sites to exchange links with, a high Google PageRank can be an indicator of a website’s (and linking page) quality and importance.

Rule #3. Do not get too many backlinks at once – Google may consider this a signal of its artificial inflation of a page’s PageRank (that is based on backlink analysis).

Rule #4. Try to obtain reciprocal and one-way links alike.

Rule #5. Diversify your link profile: get single backlinks from multiple sites rather than a large number of links from one site.

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Discover link prospects with ease

For practical SEO link building, open WebCEO's Partner Finder to find relevant sites, review them, create e-mail templates and start emailing the selected website owners.

If you are used to spending long hours surfing the web in search of potential link partners, you will be relieved with WebCEO - the link building tool will do this automatically by scanning web links related to your keywords. Each site found will be analyzed according to its Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank and many other parameters to give you a good starting point for review and a good basis for decision making

Another method of getting backlinks is the analysis of sites linking to your competitors (the "Who links to you" report for competitor sites). Identify sites that link to more than one of your competitors - they will more likely link to your site as well.

Send both bulk and personalized messages

The found websites can be sorted by their estimated importance. Accordingly, you can use the WebCEO link building tool - Partner Finder - to email a personal request to exchange links or send bulk template-based messages. The program has a few smart methods to request or detect email addresses associated with potential partner sites.

WebCEO gives you the opportunity to email an initial request and two follow-ups based on three customizable templates (in both plain text and HTML). You can send them automatically to site owners whose sites are relevant, but not very authoritative. But you should create personalized letters to those who are more important for you. With the SEO link building tool, this task is also a breeze.

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Get backlinks in a smart way

The issue of link partnership control is not the last to think about. When you agree to a partnership, you put forward certain conditions, for example: you want a text link with your keyword in the anchor text, the linking page must be PageRanked 4 or 5 by Google and

the number of outbound links from the partner page must not exceed 20. On a regular basis and automatically, WebCEO will check if your link partners stick to the agreements; all you have to do is set this engine to work.

Start exchanging links in the most automated way with the WebCEO link building tool

Build links efficiently: start by taking a free trial. The sooner you begin, the faster you will get to the top of SERPs and more targeted visitors will come to your site.

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Dann Ball
Webmaster and SEO,
DB Masters Multimedia

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