Top 10 SEO News and Advice Websites

December 28th, 2010

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Top 10 SEO News and Advice Websites

At the end of the year we often try to summarize our experience and make conclusions and projections for the next year.

So, in this issue, we are offering you ratings of the best websites that we recommend to you as valuable sources of news, tips and tricks related to website promotion and SEO. We’ve tried to be objective and we’ve used traffic trends (according to Google and Compete) and social mentions on Twitter as signals. The results often did not agree with how our experts’ subjective opinions would have rated these sites. We have considered only the educational part of site content, although many of these sites also provide tools, training and services.

  1. DigitalPoint Forums
  2. These forums seem to be the absolute champion both in traffic and Twitter mentions. We recommend the forums for beginners – you will find quick answers there because of the large number of participants, but quantity does not always mean quality.

  3. Search Engine Journal
  4. For the past year, the SEJ has made a remarkable achievement in growing their community. Loud applause for Lauren Baker, the Search Engine Journal’s Editor in Chief.

  5. Search Engine Land
  6. Actually, we expected this site to be number one or two. Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman are legendary SEO experts and they and their great contributing editors provide important insights into industry news and trends.

  7. SitePoint
  8. You can find here a lot of online and downloadable tutorials, blogs and forums with a wealth of great information for any level of webmaster expertise.

  9. WebProNews
  10. If you like video information, WebProNews is your destination point to view all of the great interviews that Mike McDonald publishes.

  11. &
  12. Those two properties of Incisive Interactive, with Mike Grehan as the VP & Global Content Director, provide great articles covering web marketing and SEO news and events.

  13. SEO Chat
  14. SEO Chat is one of the most SEO-focused sites. You will find SEO news, articles and forums here. This is a great site for SEO beginners.

  15. SEO Book
  16. One of the highest trafficked SEO sites according to Google, with a great SEO community, forums and articles. The community leaders here are Aaron Wall and Peter da Vanzo.

  17. SEOmoz
  18. Yes, we also thought that Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin Team’s brainchild should have been placed higher up on the list. SEOmoz is a great community producing a lot of interesting and helpful content.

  19. Sphinn
  20. This site aggregates the best news and how-to articles related to SEO, social media promotion and Internet marketing in general.

Some great SEO sites escaped our top 10, but we’d like you to also consider,, Search Engine Roundtable and MarketingVox as your ongoing channels for SEO and web marketing news and advice.

Happy New SEO Year! Let the fortitude, zeal and creativity be with you the whole next year!

The Web CEO Team

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Nice rating! Will appreciate a top-10 SEO/SMO techniques for the coming year similar to – if I remember right – an SEOmoz article a couple of years back.

Thank you.

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