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Link Popularity Checker will Find out Who Links to You

What is link popularity and why do you need to know who links to your site?

The link popularity score is a number that shows how many pages link to a certain page on your site. The major search engines have been widely using it in their algorithms to find out what pages are more important and worth assigning higher rankings.

The reasoning behind the link popularity is as follows: the more popular your website is with other websites, the more chances it should rank higher for the same keywords with other things (such as keywords on the page) being equal.

Time and again, webmasters and SEO neophytes ask us why their pages are poorly ranked though they have followed all of the advice provided by WebCEO's Search Engine Optimization software. More often than not, we see keyword-rich pages lacking inbound links, and it becomes obvious at once they will not rank high on good keywords because their link popularity score is too low.

The Link Popularity Checker tool is essential for building, monitoring and maintaining your backlink profile since it provides a lot of detailed information on who links to you. Finally, a rich and diverse backlink profile results in higher search engine rankings, resulting in growing traffic from search engines and growth in your business's success.

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Find out who links to your site

You can instantly learn who links to any page on your site. WebCEO's Link Popularity Checker tool obtains this info by querying a few popular search engines: Google, Blekko, Sogou and Solomono.

Web CEO also supports Majestic SEO, so it is possible to import data from them if you have an access token.

This is just the first step. At the next step you will find out how many sites link to your competitors.

Know how many websites link to your competitors

It is always good to know how your site stacks against competitors. If you didn't pay much attention to link popularity building, your competitors might outrank you because of a better link popularity.

With WebCEO, you can see how many inbound links your competitors enjoy, so you can evaluate if your site can successfully compete with them. Obtaining this report takes a matter of minutes.

Identify sites linking to you

The importance of knowing the number of websites linking to you cannot be overestimated, yet it is far more important to know who links to you and what their most important pages are.

Such advanced analysis will help you track your link popularity growth, and estimate the effect of the effort you have and still need to put into your link popularity building.

See if the linking sites and their pages are reputable and share your theme. The program will also give you a more detailed report showing all of the pages from a certain domain that link to you.

In addition, if you don't systematically use a buzz tracker such as Google Alerts, Social Mention or Board Tracker, an occasional scanning of backlinks will discover sites where your site, product or service is being discussed, such as websites, forums, news groups and blogs.

Link Popularity Checker: Linking Pages

So, you will stay in the know about what various resources, communities and groups think of you. As well, you will be able to find sites bad-mouthing you and request the removal of slanderous materials and links.

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Think Google: Find out what words and phrases people use to link to your site

Knowing the mere number of linking pages and even their URLs is not enough. Search engines, especially Google, pay a lot of attention also to the words that people click on to move to your site. The HTML name for such words is 'link anchor text', and it has been one of the most important constituents of Google's ranking algorithm for the past 10 years.

The WebCEO Link Popularity Checker will tell you who links to you and in which way. Web CEO will not only tell you whether the linking page uses text hyperlink or image hyperlink, it will present to you the specific link anchor text and image ALT text, so you will see if the link contains your targeted keyword.

By the way, if you add your competitor's site as a project, you'll have a chance to see if your competitor has a link popularity advantage over you.

Link Popularity Checker: Linking Sites Overview

So if your best keywords are widely used as link anchor texts or image ATL texts to your competitor's site, you should find a way to reach at least parity in this parameter's evaluation.

Discover who links to your competitors but does not link to you

This report is a direct call to action. Enter a few competitor sites' URLs, scan links to them, and you'll surely see that some sites link to more than one competitor, but don't link to you.

So the site is very likely to be one of your potential link partners as they would probably want to place a link to your site as well.

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Start using WebCEO Link Popularity Checker immediately - find out who links to your site and your competitors

We want to save you time and help you analyze backlinks to your site. All you need to do is download WebCEO SEO software and start a free trial.

Eleven other SEO tools will be at your disposal as well.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Sean Rosensteel

Our team uses WebCEO to track ranking positions for our own sites as well as our clients' sites. We also enjoy using the back-link tracking tool, as it's helpful in analyzing where your back-links are coming from and who is linking to you.

It's very helpful to analyze specific pages and to see what keywords are being used as anchors, what natural links are occurring, etc. WebCEO is a great tool for beginners in the web marketing world who want to get a "leg-up" on their competition and start learning the basics of search engine optimization at a very affordable price. A big thanks to WebCEO for putting together a wonderful resource and having a great support team!

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